"The show's gotta go all over the place or something.."
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Just so you know, this is what my blog mostly consists of:
70% Cory Monteith (or things that involve him)

5% Whatever I’m currently watching with some colorful commentary added in

5% Rants

20% Random shit like hot guys, funny things, things that make me go hmm….other random stuff…
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Game of Thrones: House Stark + remember the name

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I cried the first time I saw this, first she throws a fucking table,
Then she catches the chair someone threw at her with one hand…ONE HAND.

She is the Supreme.

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Game of Thrones Merchandise: http://bit.ly/19zIiWD

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#stuffonscoutshead - a serious one for a second, because no breed deserves to be discriminated against. #pitbullweek

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I wonder what it’s like being an experienced bender and then being totally blown over by a five year old.

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photos by mark bridger (more deer posts)

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"When I appeared as myself on ‘Glee,’” Lipton said, “I auditioned Cory’s character, Finn, for the Actors Studio Drama School – and rejected him. That’s the way Ryan Murphy wrote it. I would have admitted him – in a New York minute. Of course you’ll want to know how Cory responded when I asked him the question, ‘If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?’ Cory’s God said, ‘Uh, sorry I haven’t been around. There’s a good explanation.’ I certainly hope there is. We needed Cory’s gifts."

James Lipton, Inside the Actor’s Studio

Bravo Media Remembers Cory Monteith by Re-Aring His Appearance on ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ on July 18 at 6pm ET/PT and July 19 at 7pm ET/PT

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Gee, it’s great to see that Justin Bieber can handle his own fights

Just so long as they’re over the internet.

You’re the type of woman everyone should aspire to be, Justin.

Stay classy.


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