"The show's gotta go all over the place or something.."
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Just so you know, this is what my blog mostly consists of:
70% Cory Monteith (or things that involve him)

5% Whatever I’m currently watching with some colorful commentary added in

5% Rants

20% Random shit like hot guys, funny things, things that make me go hmm….other random stuff…
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Animals in Complete Astonishment [imgur]

Previously: Animal Family Photos

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peter x olivia.

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its Mr steal yo girl

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Charizard with an American Traditional feel

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Oliver Queen + heartbreaking moments

#His face when he saw her after the explosion , the pure fear thinking he just lost the love of his life #his face when he saw her with lyla and the baby , the life that he could never have with her #his face when he realized that he just let the love of his life , his light , his soulmate GO !!!

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Cory Monteith; an inspiration. 

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Cory Monteith through the Years - 2012

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how do you fit a l l that in them jeans?

#a very important gifset

This is very important.